My name is B.K. Khatib.

I am

The Experimentalist

I was born the year Rock & Roll began: 1971, and grew up as the second oldest child out of seven. We were all raised in a small, conservative household, following and praising every custom of the Muslim culture. Growing up in Kuwait wasn’t the hardest part of my life as an artist, but it definitely wasn’t the easiest. The desert sandy plains in the scorching summers, blistered my skin while the arctic-like winters frosted my fingertips as the seasons changed.

During my early childhood studies, I managed to stay at the top of my class, year after year. This greatly pleased my parents, but alas, I was never satisfied with the normal life in the middle east. There was, and has always been a burning desire inside of my bones, telling me I was meant to do something more.I didn’t want to marry at a young age, start a family, settle down, and repeat the cycle so apparent in that culture. It’s not a bad life for most, as I am even tempted sometimes when the going gets tough to go back, find a wife, and leave the art world. But in that life, I know inside of my heart I would never be fully satisfied.

So I left all I knew behind... and came to America.

College was extremely exciting for a man in his late teens during the 1980’s. I attended Chico State and ended up in Long Beach after a while. I majored in Sport Science, with a dual minor degree in Chemistry and dance. I soon began to perform in dance while simultaneously studying martial arts, living the California dream life. Yet, as I have found in life, all good things must come to an end in order for greater things to flourish.

This was the calm before the storm.

During my first semester in school, my family traveled from Jordan to Kuwait, through the deserts of Saudi Arabia after a long needed vacation. This drive, if you are unaware, is 680 miles (1,094 kilometers), which would take roughly 17 hours if you obey traffic safety laws. My father thought he could make it in one trip, with no breaks.

Sadly, he was mistaken.

Driving exhausted and having only car lights to guide him through the desert, my father was hit by two separate vehicles in the middle of that cold, dark night. He flew through the windshield - dying instantly. The rest of the family had a three month stay at Saudi Arabian Hospital, recovering from extensive injuries sustained in the accident.

One week following the accident in August of 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait, with my family still recovering from their injuries. That was the beginning of the Gulf War, and now my family was displaced after almost losing everything. They had nowhere to go, and I was stuck in America helpless to the entire situation.
My family was utterly torn apart, and has never been the same since.

But the show must go on.

I chose to push through the pain to create a life for myself in the United States of America. I finished my degree in time, paying for my tuition by becoming the best food server in the industry.
Twenty six years of studying human behaviour enhanced the amount of tips I brought in every day.
Thirteen years of hard work to alleviate financial stress.
Thirteen years of tireless nights.
Thirteen years of endless spousal fights.
Thirteen years of martial arts training.
Thirteen years to get married and divorced.
Thirteen years of having it all to becoming homeless.
Thirteen years was all it took, to realize I needed to pursue art instead of a paycheck.

Over a decade of my life.. Gone. Just like that.

Today, I have full blown carpal tunnel in both of my hands and arms from that decade of working 70 hours a week in the food industry.
Today I have an inventory of thousands of art pieces, personally created, collected, and accounted for.
Today I use music as motivation when the times get difficult to deal with.
Today I have a support system to bounce business ideas around.
Today I have a foundation for success because of the lessons learned during my decade of self-discovery.

My work ranges from Vintage to Modern to Abstract to Comics to Calligraphy because I’ve felt nostalgic, innovative, out of my mind, introspective, and classy. Organic Chemistry’s Periodic Table is my direct inspiration to use over 250 mediums in the creation of my artwork. Every genre of my art exemplifies the emotions I felt during that specific period of my life.

I am currently experiencing the mentally stressful experience of filing for disability in the United States, while creating a business to sell my artwork of the past decade. While utilizing Craigslist to find physical assistance for an art show in Sacramento, I found a manager who has assisted me in this adventurous life. We have created together a brand, a team, and a company.

Twenty years ago, I created The Experimentalist.

On November 11th, 2017, We created Tango Slim.